Free time

The boys have gone to bed early and I’m just sitting here thinking, “I’ve got to write something.” But if they’ve gone to bed early, it’s because they didn’t take a nap. And if they didn’t take a nap, that means I didn’t get a break during the day (or a nap myself). Which means that right now I want to go to bed, too!

Ed is out meeting up with a friend he’s mentoring, so I really have some time alone. This is what usually happens when I have some time alone, especially at night: 1. I get really excited thinking about the fact that I have some time alone. 2. I begin and endless mental list of all the possible things I could be doing. 3. I run around tidying up the house, getting ready for the next day, or taking a shower. 4. I think over the endless mental to-do list again and gather up some things I’d need to do at least 3 or 4 of them simultaneously. 5. I pile the stuff on my desk or bed. 6. I work on one of them for a short time until I realize it’s not early anymore and I’d better go to bed. 7. I crash.

Sometimes I crash after number 2, when the to-do list fills me with utter hopelessness knowing that it will never be completed in the short time I have. When I reach that point, it seems like getting a good night’s rest is really far more productive.

So tonight, I have done something! I have deconstructed the thoughts that go with the time alone I have. Surely writing something in the blog was on that eternal to-do list somewhere.

Mosquitoes have now entered the study/guest room where i’m writing, so I’m going to wrap it up. I’m not willing to risk contracting dengue fever from mosquito bites for the sake of this blog…. I shall move to my room, fire up the lap top and see if I can come up with anything better than this.


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