Floating through the day

Today was a slow day. I had a headache, so I didn’t cook anything the whole day. I’m trying to work with #1 on finishing what he’s started (and work on that issue myself!), so the first thing we did was finish the helicopter craft he started during the weekend. The rest of this morning’s homeschooling consisted of a video and follow up lesson on the 10 commandments. It was really unschooling–just doing something and then following the thread until we ran out of ideas or interest. It wasn’t planned at all, but that was sort of nice. With my head throbbing, I was moving in slow motion, talking in slow motion and thinking in slow motion–which helped me not to get upset over small things since I just couldn’t afford to expend energy on anything that wasn’t essential.

We ate lunch downstairs at the cafeteria, took a taxi to Chinese class, got a lift from Ed back home, rested and then went down to the pool for #1’s weekly swimming lesson. It was back to the cafeteria (next to the pool) for our dinner, home for baths and Ed mostly took over to do math and reading time. I felt like I was just floating through the day, but I survived.


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