Homeschool Jewels

This morning it was #1son holding up animal picture cards and teaching #2son the animal names that he didn’t know yet–even correcting his pronunciation. It was the middle of #1’s math lesson but he needed a diversion while I set up the next activity and #2 needed entertaining. But still it all took place with everyone sitting round the table and everyone was engaged in something productive. “Hallelujah” choruses rang out!

While finding rectangles among a pile of wood blocks, #1 discovered he could make rectangles by putting two triangles together. Meanwhile, #2 actually put the shape blocks into the corresponding holes (as opposed to launching the blocks across the room or dropping them into the fish tank. *sigh* Life with boys.

Later in the day, Eli asked “Mommy, can I make words?” (ie, “Can I play with my first Scrabble game?” Another round of “Hallelujah” choruses!

Of course all this was interspersed with “I don’t want to go to Chinese class today” and “Mom, Help!!! #2 is destroying my things!!!” And somewhere in there #1 prayed (a real eyes-closed, hands-folded serious prayer) for another baby, so we’d have 3 children in the family. Children’s prayers often have a scary way of getting answered because they really do ask without doubting God’s ability to perform whatever task it is… Yikes!

I just read a very good book on homeschooling written by a woman who had 8 children. She’d probably be laughing to see us quivering at the thought of even 3 children. We’ll see what the Big Guy has in mind. (please note: we have no human plans for this at the moment!)


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