What keeps me up at night

Tuesday night it was CSI and, of course, wanting to spend time with my husband who was watching it. Last night it was Scrabble, I’ll blame it on my husband again. It was just too hot to sit out in the living room to watch tv, so he was looking for something to do inside our room where the air conditioner had created a much more comfortable environment. And tonight? It was facebook. I’d been thinking about how I’ve really got enough on line stuff going on that I can hardly keep up with, and I wasn’t going to do Facebook. Then a few friends invited me, I heard some other friends talking about it…so I created a profile for myself.

Anyway, back to my main point–I’ve been staying up too late and it shows. Homeschooling has been all off the routine which makes life highly unproductive and sometimes chaotic. Sometimes we have to get off the routine, that’s life. But this week it’s been purely a lack of self-discipline on my part and a love of sleep. It’s now 10:35 pm Singapore time and I hereby declare this bout of laziness over! I’m signing off, leaving the laundry that needs folding, the dishes that need washing and the floors that need mopping and I’m going to get in the bed and read (in the middle of Dr Zhivago but also starting a homeschooling book, The Well Trained Mind) until 11 and it’s lights out!


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