What comes to mind

I’m going to leave the computer going and write what comes to mind when I have time….

The ‘detectives’ E and Z are now attempting to solve the mystery of the missing egg timer. I really need to find it as it is a useful tool in homeschooling and mealtimes. I just had it this morning and can’t find it for anything.

I decided to start a reward system for #1, so last night we put together a star chart. But he’s too clever for this–when he found out he could earn a star for eating all his food and he could earn a star for sweeping the floor, he declared he wasn’t going to finish his lunch. He didn’t care about that star–he’d give that up and go for the ‘extra chores’ star by sweeping the floor. (He didn’t finish that job, so no star anyway…)

Ok, found the timer on an obscure shelf in the kitchen. The floating homeschool is now moving to #1’s bed in the air conditioned room. Hopefully #2 will sleep during the lessons.

Lessons amounted to me reading aloud until I could no longer hold my eyes open. I ended the school session and left the 2 boys on their beds to be quiet and go to sleep. #1 emerged shortly thereafter protesting that he didn’t want to take a nap. It seems a pattern is emerging here…#1 very often declaring his wishes and intentions as if they will rule. What has gone wrong in our parenting???? Or is it really just the strong willed personality? I remember thinking such things when I was quite young, but I never dared to voice them out until I was a teenager. We have given #1 much freedom of speech, I suppose. I never imagined it would be backfiring at age 5.

Both boys did finally sleep and they are still sleeping now as it approaches 5:30pm. The rice is cooked, fish is baking and veggies will be salad tonight. Now to fold clothes and listen to the sermon recording from 2 weeks ago.

well, sermon listening lasted like 5 minutes and it was all downhill from there. I’m not going to bother reporting the rest of the chaos that went on until dinner time. But after everyone had eaten things were better and we managed to have a simple family devotion time. It was one of those days that I was reminded very clearly of my need for God, especially in bringing up children.

Time for bed. Hopefully I can write more tomorrow on what’s been happening recently and what are plans are for next year. Trying to get back into the habit of writing.


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