Entry for February 14, 2008

Valentine’s Day, I’ve never been into it. I wouldn’t mind getting a gift or flowers from my husband any time, don’t get me wrong. But just can’t get sentimental on the 14th of February on cue.

However, Eli did say something that warmed my heart today:

“I love it when anyone reads to me no matter what it is.”

He loves to be read to! And he said this after he asked me to read more from the Bible! Now, if we can just get him reading on his own, we will have accomplished our main academic goal for this homeschool year. (We start in January here, so we’ve got time!)

We’re still technically in the 15-day celebratory period of Chinese New Year. The house is decorated only a little with red table cloths, a bowl of mandarin oranges, a basket full of containers of traditional cookies and pastries, and a lantern hanging up. It’s about time to move the oranges to the fridge, where ba kua (dried roasted pork) is now residing.

We’re in the process of building a rain forest these few days as we’re learning about Brazil.


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