Music Making and Rain Forest construction

A miracle occurred today. Just as #1 was about to start his music practice, #2 came bounding up to the piano hoping to join in. Instead of the usual cry for help, #1 took matters into his own hands. “Bribery!” his keen 5-year-old mind thought.

“Hey #2, want to play with my dinosaur?”

(No interest from #2.)

“Oh! #2 come to the room, you can play with my army guys!”

Ah ha! It worked. #2 happily followed him into their bedroom where #1 took out his prized collection of army guys that is usually off limits to little brother. As soon as #2 was engaged in some elaborate army camp set-up, #1 dashed back to the piano and happily did his music practice.

It was beautifully peaceful and mature…especially considering how such scenarios usually play out in our home.

Two youths from church are spending an hour or so every Saturday morning to teach #1 drums and some basic music theory with the piano. #1 seems to be enjoying it and it’s just challenging enough to capture his interest without getting him overly frustrated. And I find very nice to have music played in our house (even if it is just basic scales being played by a little one).

In the afternoon we worked on the rainforest mural–finally! The materials have been ready for a week but hadn’t done much. Today we cut out and hung leaves on our homemade tree, labeled the four layers of the rain forest, assembled a paper anteater, colored a jaguar and pasted those 2 animals on the mural. It’s another grand project that Mommy is probably more excited about than #1. I suppose I’m using homeschooling for my own creative outlet as much as for the boys’ education. Maybe one day they’ll remember their overly enthusiastic mom fondly…


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