Mixed grill of thoughts on a homeschool day

Just as I was thinking #1 ought to learn how to read the color words, he took out an activity book (on his own initiative) and went straight to the color-by-number pages. He needed a little help from me, but he showed he knows how to read most of the color words already. Is this what it means by delight-directed and Holy Spirit-led learning? I hope it is and I hope there is more of this.

Today #1’s done 10 minutes worth of Chinese character writing but still hasn’t completed the assignment given by his tutor. I’m struggling with whether this teacher is the best fit for us…but I’ve adopted a wait and see attitude for now. I would like to adopt Charlotte Mason’s philosophy, but this tutor is not into short lessons or meaningful texts. I think it will be difficult to find a tutor who can do this. Anyway, after taking a break he went back to work on his Chinese writing without me reminding him.

We’re in a unit on Australia now, but I hardly feel I’ve done it justice. The problems I have with unit studies are (1) knowing when to stop and (2) doing something with the information that’s been learned. I know about lapbooks and notebooks, but my boys are just not that interested. I think this is part of the reason I’m leaning toward CM education rather than unit studies. Unit studies appeal to my creative side and while I can really get into them, I’m not sure #1 shares my enthusiasm. We’ll carry on with Galloping the Globe, but loosely. Right now we’re letting things Australian flavour our days but not dictate all the subjects.

It’s kind of an off week for us. Monday was a holiday so my husband was at home and we had a birthday party to go to. Yesterday we were out running errands and attending Mandarin speech and drama class for most of the day. #1 did a bit of Chinese writing homework last night but that was it for yesterday’s formal schoolwork.

We sent the application for exemption from compulsory education yesterday. I’m really praying they approve it for many reasons, one of the minor ones being that I don’t think he’d be ready for primary one in Singapore schools.

Now I’m thinking of ways to get more physical activity into the daily routine. The playground is not the least bit challenging for #1 and he becomes rough and/or annoying to younger children playing there. His bike is in need of new tires, and the scooter is okay for a short while. Then I hit upon a better and simpler idea. We bought soccer balls yesterday. A big one for #1 and a small one for #2. It’s amazing really–the level of excitement that can be reached by kicking a ball around.


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