Seven minute piano lesson

I thought of writing as my status on Facebook “Heather is … listening to #1 teach piano to #2” but then I thought, no, this deserves a blog entry. Today has not been one of those delightful homeschooling days, to say the least. Tempers have flared, punches have been thrown, and very little school work has been done. What would Charlotte Mason say? She would probably faint before she had a chance to say anything…so today we’ll follow John Holt and just unschool (mostly). When #1 spontaneously took out his drum pad and drum sticks and said he wanted to practice, how could I stop him? He banged away for a while, then we listened to the Kookaburra song since we’re still learning about Australia and then a few other songs from other countries. After packing away the drumming equipment, he actually took out his other music book and said he *wanted* to practice piano! I warned him that I would not be able to ‘protect’ him from #2, but he assured me he could protect himself. After giving #2 a few instructions he did his scale and Mary had a Little Lamb, and THEN he proceeded to give #2 a lesson. Don’t be deceived, these magical moments only lasted about 7 minutes before #2 started howling and #1 closed up the piano, citing his brother’s uncooperative spirit and ‘disobedience’ as his reason for stopping the lesson….

we are going OUT for lunch.


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