no more moody mondays

I was relieved that the second day of school went infinitely better than the first. Yesterday was one of those moody Mondays that often plague our homeschool–mostly the #1 son. After some desperate prayers, much frustration, and a stern talking-to by the principal (Daddy), we had a much better day today. We started the day with Chinese. The new tutor came today and had a Chinese lesson with my #1 while I did an English lesson with her son and friend’s daughter. #2 joined in our English lesson at some points. I wasn’t very organized but these were two quiet, compliant children who didn’t seem to notice or mind. The rest of the day went quite smoothly and more or less according to schedule. We are trying to do a Charlotte Mason style curriculum. One major thing is lacking right now–narration. #1 does it all the time and is quite a natural storyteller. But as soon as I say the word “narration” and get out paper and pencil to take down what he says, it becomes not fun anymore and #1 starts complaining and uttering all kinds of nonsense. *sigh* I need to try harder and work more on good habits and attitudes. Trying to do this type of curriculum really does depend on good habits. I realize that I have not done a very good job in helping #1 with that. This year, we are also trying to incorporate sports for #1. He just needs to use his body and expend a lot of energy. I need to find some other mothers who are doing CM with very active boys. I know one who tried and gave it up…there’s one other here that I really ought to connect with. I’ve got to have some encouragement to know this can actually work! (It isn’t going to work if I’m up til almost midnight writing blog entries that aren’t all that insightful anyway…to bed I go!)


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