empty house writing time

It’s clear to me that while I desire and attempt to keep up with current trends (e.g., blogging), I am hopelessly far behind. I didn’t bother watching the grammys or the oscars this year. Although I had actually seen The Visitor on a rare date with my husband, I knew I was so out of touch with the current music and film scene that there was really no point watching. And frankly, I had more important things to do.

When it comes to blogging, I am slightly more motivated to ‘keep up’ because it involves writing and that is one of my loves. My other loves seem to take up most of my time, however, so blogging falls by the wayside. I even started a homeschool blog at another site, thinking I’d use that as a space for reflecting on our school adventures, which are what take up most of my days. That one’s not terribly current either. I still find I am more likely to write in a paper journal with a pen in my hand than sitting in front of a screen and a keyboard. The paper journal feels safer. No one is going to read that.

So what is it that makes people(who are not pastors or politicians or celebrities in some other way) feel the need to share their life with the general public? Google gave me 224 million hits when I queried “why do people blog,” so this is not a new question. For me, this is a way to share my thoughts with friends far away. I now live halfway around the world from where I spent the first 25 years of my life and I wanted a way to let those far away friends have a peek into my thought processes. As a rule, I don’t engage in chats with people I don’t know (so if you’re reading this and I don’t know you, it’s unlikely I will respond to your request to get to know each other). And I hope there may occasionally be something beneficial or encouraging for others.

The quiet house will soon become noisy again, so I will put away the laptop and my thoughts and return at another quiet moment.


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