Jet lag morning

This morning I have tried to be creative thinking of ways to keep #1 occupied from 2am until a reasonable time to wake the rest of the family. I tried to get him to lie down again, but he couldn’t sleep. I continued to rest while thinking of other suggestions. He had a drink of water then started coloring. That lasted half an hour or so and I couldn’t think of any more ideas, so around 3:30am I got up out of bed, got him some cereal and am now sitting here listening to Huckleberry Finn on Librivox and trying to hold my eyes open as I write.

This all started with naptime yesterday. I knew I was taking a risk asking them to take an afternoon nap, but I’d been battling a headache all day and I really wanted a break. The first attempt at a nap was me sleeping and the 2 boys playing and talking in their bunk bed. The second attempt, with #1 on my bed and me on #2’s bed with him, was a great success. Of course by the time they fell asleep around 2:30pm, I wasn’t sleepy and the headache was fading. I managed to get a few things done–including some research on headaches–and tried to wake them up before I started cooking dinner. No use. So I went ahead and cooked dinner.

KL came home, we ate, and still we couldn’t wake the boys…I knew what was to come so I went to bed at 9pm to get myself ready for the inevitable..waking up at 2am. I was really hoping we could do better. NO NAPS for boys today!!!


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