Home alone, but not really

Today was the first of 4 full days as a single parent. It went well, but I must admit there weren’t many free hours in the day for conflicts to arise. I knew the morning routine was going to be a bit difficult considering we got back from sending KL to the airport after 11pm. It was probably close to midnight by the time we all fell asleep. Z was up early enough and got through most of his breakfast of oatmeal (his request); E was up later, picked at his food and then had to make a trip to the toilet. Time was getting away from us and I could see that Z was in one of his I-don’t-want-to-go-out moods, so I took some deep breaths and tried not to start yelling at the boys on the way out the door. It really doesn’t get any of us in the  mood for worship at church later. After FINALLY getting everyone dressed and out the door, it took what seemed an eternity to get to the car. It wouldn’t have mattered so much except that an elderly lady was waiting for us to pick her up for church. We were late, but she was gracious as usual. Once we were in church, things were better. There were friends to talk to, songs to sing and our Great God to worship. I was glad we were able to get rid of that rushed feeling and begin a true sabbath. 

After church we had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant with a few friends from church and got home as soon as we could for the long-awaited afternoon nap. Sunday is the one day I don’t feel guilty about taking a nap, and today we all needed. E slept right through his swimming lesson and I let him. I know the boys and I have not had enough sleep this past week and I’d like to get the new week off to a better start. We had sandwiches for dinner, watched Night at the Museum on TV, did the bedtime routine and all is now well…except that Daddy’s not around. Today we had enough distractions that we didn’t miss him too much. I need to keep things moving the rest of the week, so that his absence doesn’t weigh us down for these few days. 

This week we have all the usual activities: basketball on Monday morning, Chinese lesson on Tuesday morning and another in the afternoon, full school day on Wednesday (this week doing a unit study on Ancient Rome; that’s where KL is now), picking up Daddy on Thursday morning and Playgroup on Friday morning. I still didn’t get the school planning done for the week, but since we got very little of our listed work done the past two weeks and since I’ll be giving E some exams this week, there is plenty to do that’s already prepared. And so I will put off the planning once again, hoping for that magical half day to appear in which I can shut myself in a room get it done.


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