the past joins the present

Tonight I finally managed to move all the entries from the old blog at Yahoo 360 to this new blog at WordPress. And I’ll say it again, how I wished I’d moved sooner! I found some information posted on one of the WP forums that was the missing link in my blog migration dilemma. Apparently, WP would be looking for a zip file but when I downloaded the blog, safari or this new genius imac (not sure which) automatically unzipped, extracted and separated the files into text and images. WP wouldn’t recognize the .txt file so I kept getting an error message. Then I read, “unzip the files then re-zip them to upload”. I nearly belted out a Handel chorus of  “Hallelujahs” when it finally worked! The images are still not uploaded, but I’m not so concerned about that. The words I’ve written are what I value more and want to share with people. I’m no photographer but I’m doing my level best to regain my identity as a writer. I’m off to a slow start…but I’ll start at the very beginning…a very good place to start.


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