A Have or a Have-Not?

How I wish I could answer this question once and for all–clearly, concisely, maybe with a printed t-shirt so I could save my voice and the artificial smile I muster when the question(s) come.

How do you do it all?

Do you have any help?

How do you manage three kids by yourself?

Can you still homeschool with the baby around?

You cook?!?

I usually answer these questions with the same list of replies–and I try to keep the focus on the things I have:

–I have boys who are older now and do a lot of things for themselves

–I have my rocking chair next to the school tables so I can feed the baby while supervising lessons

–I have a part-time house cleaner

–I have a husband who does a lot of things around the house and with the children

–I have good friends who come to my rescue when I need it

–I have a small cafe downstairs where I can buy food on days when cooking is difficult

–I have a dishwasher and a clothes dryer

Frankly speaking, I have many things and people that help and I have it a lot easier than many other people I know who don’t have all these things that I have. Many people, usually people who don’t know me that well, seem to view me as a have not. That is one thought-path I don’t want to walk down. No, I don’t have a full-time live-in maid. No, I don’t have a spotless home. No, I don’t have perfect control over my tongue when I’m at home with my children all day. And no, I don’t have perfectly behaved children…

But I am convinced, in the midst of the messes we all make, that this is right for our family, it is settled–settled in the deep place in a way that makes me able to say truthfully that I like being home with my children and I enjoy homeschooling.

I have so much.  Above all, I have  Grace, which covers me in the areas where I’m a have not.

Bebo says it best:


One thought on “A Have or a Have-Not?

  1. Hallelujah to that deep settledness that steers and keeps you on the path marked out for you and your family . It may not be the easiest but it is yours in Christ. : )

    hey that counts as another HAVE because not everyone / many people have that deep settledness !!!!! : ) i know i’m searching for it now ???!!!!! : )

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