Timor Stories: Release

That day was going to be a long one, somehow we all knew it. We were back down in Dili where it was hot and things were not as familiar. At our Pastor’s insistence, we were making a trip to visit a Brazilian nurse doing medical care and village ministry in a nearby town. It was a rough drive to get to this quaint compound, comprised of a church, a kindergarten, and a clinic, which included a birthing centre. We spent only a short time there, but it was where I found release.

I had been running on adrenaline since we had arrived in East Timor. With #2 son falling sick when we arrived, I was in nurse/caregiver mode to the extreme. Besides keeping up with toddler girl without the usual strollers, high chairs and safe play areas, I also had to do round-the-clock temperature checking, medicine dispensing, sponging the fever ridden little boy. I knew I was being prayed for because I had a miraculous level of energy during the week. I didn’t not feel the exhaustion that I should have based on how little rest I was getting.

So when it came to that day we visited the clinic, I felt the adrenaline begin to wear off. As this missionary brought us for a simple tour of the facilities, I think we could all sense the deep peace this woman had from walking closely with the Lord. She brought us into the church with the thatched roof and gathered a few of the believers there. She told us her story–God’s story. She told us all she’d learned and seen and how her faith had grown as had the number of believers in her 9 years there. This was a woman from whom the love of God flowed freely. She’d seen miracles and she’d trusted God for more.

Then we sang and then that small group of believers prayed for us.

As we were gathered there and the prayers rose in a language I didn’t even know, tears poured down my face. I felt release. I felt the tiredness that had been kept at bay for all those days but the tiredness was a peaceful one. I felt like Elijah who’d been on the run and then the Lord just let him lie down under the tree and rest. I was ready and able to rest–the Lord had given to me what I needed most.


One thought on “Timor Stories: Release

  1. Thanks for that …. it’s been hard meeting up … glad to finally hear some stories from the heart from the Timor Experience which i know was God’s work in all of your lives as you and KL said yes to God and grit your teeth through hard things thrown your way. God be praised again and again. All glory to Him indeed ! And more this year Heather ! in peace and faith ! Amen !!!

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