I had opened the web browser planning to search for a recipe, something healthy for a toddler’s lunch. But you see, we have a news site for our home page and the news of a grenade attack at a bus stop in Nairobi stopped me in my clicks. Could I really just read about innocent people dying at the hands of terror extended through a car window that hurled death at them…and then in the next second click over to toddler recipes? Could I do that? Really?

I could. I have. I do it all the time.

Today I chose to stop my hand from the next click and to praywrite instead. Today I am praying for Kenya–a nation of many tribes and tongues and beliefs. The missionaries have been there for ages, there are many believers. I am praying they will rise up in the face of terror and give comfort and proclaim justice. Today Psalm 66 told me about the God I worship: He rules forever by his power, his eyes watch the nations….  Watch Kenya today, Lord.

Yes, I’m still going to feed my own children. As I feed them, as I search for recipes, Lord, let me not forget Kenya.


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