Days for remembering

I needed a day like today after having thoughts like I’ve had the past few weeks. Wasn’t homeschooling supposed to be fun? Weren’t my children supposed to be highly motivated to get the 3Rs done in the morning so that the afternoons would be free for building, drawing, researching, playing and reading? Weren’t we supposed to have more free time than families with school going children? Where are all those lapbooks we should have been making? Where are the photos of the nature walks we should have been taking? Where are the scrapbooks of the museum outings and special classes?

I’ve thought of many reasons (excuses?) why we seem to be trying to keep up with the Joneses (or the Tans, in our case) more than we seem to be doing interesting things in our homeschool. They all seem valid and utterly reasonable…but something in my spirit is still unsettled.

And so we come to today…

I woke early to send #1 son off with a friend to play Gaelic football with other homeschoolers. I let #2 son sleep in to help combat the virus he’s got. I let The Girl sleep in even longer…just because. It was a quiet, reflective start to the day.

Once #2 son was up and going, he began asking me the question that he’s been trying to get the answer to for a few days now–

“Mommy, what’s an atom? And what’s a molecule?”

Today I decided to remember why we are homeschooling.

I switched on the laptop and found a video explaining atoms and molecules and a few others. He watched, he listened, he learned, he went on to another….

“Oh, I want to learn about the structure of molecules now!”

Another video.

“Oh! Two hydrogen and one oxygen–so that’s what H2O means!”

We take a break to get The Girl up and dressed and fed and give vitamins to the sick boy. Then it’s on to the Geology lapbook we never finished. Today we are going to work on it because today is a day to remember why we are homeschooling.

Maybe later it will be time for a video on Gaelic football, and finding Ireland on the map, and discovering why Ireland is split into two parts. I hope I can make the Math a living subject today and that the Chinese language will come alive when they do their assigned homework.

There is a long holiday coming up. When I put the plans together for the rest of this year, I need to remember. It’s time to remember.


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