The Best of 2012

These are just a few thoughts that I posted over at

There are plenty more bests…perhaps this will be the first of a few installments. Here goes a beginning:

Best Analogy: A sculptor in a pottery village in Hanoi telling us (through a translator) how in his line of work he can’t just have a student to train, he needs a disciple. Sculpting is hard, messy work and takes years to learn. Isn’t this a perfect picture of what disciple of Jesus must be?
(*This man is CLOSE to entering the kingdom! Pray for him!)

Best News: From a Brazilian missionary in East Timor–that she had finally seen villagers coming to Christ after 9 years of serving there. The hard ground was broken.

Best Jeans: Second hand ones I got in a thrift store. Someone had already made them soft and comfortable for me:)

Best Tea: Korean cinammon tea with wolfberries I had in a Korean restaurant (I think it may be this Gugijacha (구기자차, 枸杞子茶) – made from dried wolfberries?)

Best Song; Wake Up by All Sons and Daughters. A nice version here:

Best Kids’ CD: Boom Chicka Boom by Colin Buchanan . This guy is one crazy Aussie! He puts scripture to music in the most amazing ways–the kids do. remember.

Best (most disturbing?) Book: Jia: A Novel of North Korea by Hyejin Kim


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