6 reasons why you are reading this post

How many numbered lists have you read this week on digital media sites? Do you ever wonder how those lists are put together? Do you ever question the research that goes into putting these lists together and ranking the information in them? How do these writers decide the optimal number for their lists? And why do people love to read and re-post these lists?

In attempting to understand this list-writing phenomenon, I think I have come up with the perfect list. 

So here it is, folks, the 6 reasons why you are reading this post: 

1. 6. You are reading this post because I put a number at the beginning. I have defined some limits and you know reading a list of 6 things will not overly tax your brain or cause you to miss out on the other 26 posts on your reading list for the week.

2. Reasons. I am giving you reasons, which you like. Reasons help you understand things, even mysterious things like why you are reading this post.

3. Why. see point 2.

4. You. I used the 2nd person pronoun. I am writing directly to you– how could you NOT read this now that I have written to you personally?

5. Are Reading. You are now on point #5. (This is a verb in the present progressive tense, which indicates an ongoing activity in the present–you are doing this NOW.)

6.This Post. There you have it. I’ve gone and convinced you that I know what I’m talking about. I’ve put numbers and reasons and personal pronouns…and you read THIS POST, didn’t you?

*Disclaimer: If any grain of truth may be found in this, I am happy for the reader. This is just a writing activity to help spark some creative juices. Nevertheless, I hope Distractify  picks this up.
#feelinghopeful #tiredofreadinglists #alittlesarcasmcanbeagoodoutlet


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