How I survived the week

It has been a long week, with Ed away in England and activities going on every single day and still trying to keep up homeschooling before our break next week. But I have to say, it could have been worse…and so I have decided to count my blessings.

Blessing #1 A very encouraging friend has been checking on me and praying for me. You know who you are AY. Some seriously supernatural energy and other divine interventions have come my way that gave me much relief. I give credit to her interceding for me.

Blessing #2 Skype. We’ve been able to talk to Ed most everyday, as well as an old friend, my brother, and my parents.

Blessing #3 A car. It’s a costly privilege here in Singapore to own a car. And although I don’t have the use of the car when Ed is working, it really helps us get around quicker and easier when he’s not here.

Blessing #4 A stable pregnancy. I can’t imagine how this week would have been if I’d been in pain or having any trouble with the pregnancy. I can only be thankful that things have been going smoothly so far and I can remain active. I know women who’ve had trouble and ended up on bedrest at this point, so I don’t take it for granted that I am still up and about.

Blessing #5 Well children. Some friends of ours had Hand Foot Mouth Disease, and there is a high chance that my boys were exposed to it. Thankfully they did not get it.

Blessing #6 A helpful friend who came over to help me lug all my math curriculum and supplies to the Homeschool Curriculum Fair. I was thinking I should have said no to that commitment, but with her help I was able to give others some help in choosing a math curriculum.

Blessing #7 Another dear friend who went shopping with me to get snacks for the children going to church camp next week. There was no way I could have managed getting all those things by myself in one shopping trip without her.

Blessing #8 One lesson English tutoring session. Surprisingly, the Chinese tutor who works with our boys did not bring her daughter over for an English lesson on Thursday. She had gone for a camp and couldn’t make it. So my boys had their Chinese lesson and I had a bit of a break that was very timely as a headache had just started that morning.

Blessing #9 Boys who love audio books. We had borrowed an audio book of  The Magician’s Nephew from the library on Saturday. And although I had intended to save it for our drive up to KL for church camp, I let them listen to it on Thursday and Friday when my headache was bad and I needed to rest. They loved it and listened for an hour each time while quietly playing in their room.

Blessing #10 Food. We had free food at my in-law’s for dinner, and at 2 birthday parties today. And when cooking seemed really impossible, we went to the cafe just downstairs in our building. That made it possible for us to still have homeschool for at least 3 1/2 days this week.

The Blessing above all Blessings–a personal God who has reminded me time and again this week that there is Hope in Him no matter what else is going on in and around me.