The D Word

The word keeps appearing on pages I read about parenting, in my mind when I think about writing, as a shadow across the pages of my to-do lists, over and under my attempts at prayer: Discipline.

Training children takes discipline. All day. Every day.

(My bones are tired just writing those words.)

Writing is a discipline.

I know–people have been telling me this for years.

Getting up early to commune with God when it’s quiet is a discipline.

Yes. And I love it but don’t do it often enough.

Even the educator Charlotte Mason┬ásaid it: “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.”

Discipline always seems to be an area where I fall short. I guess I need more, er, discipline…See?! There’s that word again. The long and short of it is this: If I want my life to amount to anything, I need some measure of discipline. So today I post this and today I pray–

Lord, teach me the secrets of a disciplined life in You. Not a life lived by the letter of the law but by the spirit. Let this disciplined life be immersed in grace and let me discipline myself to keep my eyes fixed on YOU.