When Your World(map) comes crashing down

Who was I to presume that mere blutac would hold up the entire world– laminated? It was folly on my part, I admit it. So today when my world (map) came crashing to the floor I made a conscious decision not to despair. There on the wall was a large empty space and I began to ponder the possibilities for this space.

Different maps? (Lord knows I have plenty!)
Better adhesive? (I do love hanging things on walls.)
Something that would make use of that hook that I was concealing behind the world (map)?

This is the kind of mood I was in that Wednesday. No fixed appointments til evening. Questions running through my mind like: So what if we start our homeschool day at 10am….or 11? I like to call those days “creative days” or (shudder) “unschooling days.” But what it really means is I do things I don’t have time to do on normal homeschool days and I follow my creative thoughts as I go around the house rather than follow a plan. And it means I let the kids do pretty much whatever they want (within reason). They get extended time with Legos and Playmobils; I get piles of papers sorted out, inspirational posters hung on the wall, or (rarely) a new dish cooked.

I am trying to learn to embrace these days, which is not easy for a control-freak, task-oriented mother such as myself. I know I can’t have too many days like that or my family would never have clean clothes to wear or clean dishes to eat from.  But I know I can’t wait to do the creative things only when everything else is in perfect order.

So, my world (map) came crashing down today. And plenty of other things didn’t go according to my design. But I will not despair.  I choose to see that as a divine opportunity to do something creative with the empty space left on the wall.