Kuantan Travel Log, Satu (1)

By the time I finish writing this post it will be just past midnight on the day we leave for a trip to Kuantan, Malaysia. I told myself I wasn’t going to leave all the packing until the last night, then I told myself I wouldn’t go out today until it was done, then I told myself I would get to bed by 11pm since we need to get up early. I guess I wasn’t listening to myself.

As I’ve been packing and washing and cutting carrots and mixing tuna and folding clothes and hanging up the shower curtain and putting away scattered toys, I’ve tried not to ‘should’ on myself too much. Thinking of all the time I spent doing other things the past few days when I could’ve been getting things ready for the trip. Being a highly perfectionistic person, I have a hard time deciding how much is enough–whether it’s packing for a week-long trip to a place where there aren’t a lot of activities for kids or cleaning the house when I know my mother-in-law will probably be in my house at some point while we’re gone. So at 11:55pm, with aching feet and an aching back and very tired eyes, I decided I’d done enough. If the kitchen sink didn’t get packed, well, I think we’ll be ok.

See why I need a vacation?

We’re setting off around 7am tomorrow and will be driving to the East Coast of peninsular Malaysia. Kuantan is the home of a good friend of ours from our days at UT, Knoxville, as well as the nesting ground for leatherback sea turtles. We’ve got plans to spend time with our friends and hopes that we might catch a glimpse of some of the turtles. It’s about a 6-7 hour drive along plantation roads and through small towns. I’m looking forward to the drive there and I’m looking forward to being in a quiet place, near the beach, with just our family. It seems like just the right time for a break from all our usual chores and studies and work–time to think, to write, to read, to dig in the sand, and do everything much much more slowly.