Time to spend

Here it is 8:27pm–according to the imac clock–my husband is reading to the boys, who will be asleep soon, and I am faced with a myriad of choices.

Question: Should I…

a. Continue working on the ironing pile?

b. Start planning for the Cradle Roll Sunday school teachers meeting?

c. Prepare the activity sheet for this Friday’s playgroup?

d. Get tomorrow’s tutoring materials ready?

e. Read a book for pleasure?

f. Read a book to help prepare for the Youth camp talk?

g. Work on plans and communiques for the Homeschool concert?

h. Wash the dishes?

Answer: Your guess is a good as mine.

I am a chronic biting-off-more-than-I-can-chew-er and so I often face such to-do lists when I have a little ‘free’ time. Sometimes, I base the decision about what to do next on what I like. At other times, when I force myself to use reason alone, I choose the thing that is most urgent or the thing that comes soonest on the calendar. And when neither emotions nor logic help me to find an answer, I pray. Now really, for a Christian, this process should *start* with prayer rather than run the gambit of human wisdom and then turn to God when all else fails.

So, once again I am back to the battle between flesh and spirit. Lord, help me to choose the one needful thing.