I took a minute to visit iwonderbee‘s blog the other day and found that she’d laid down a blogger gauntlet–gently, of course–and challenged me to do some traveldreaming by passing me this award. So here goes…

The requirements on the award are as follows:-
1. Specify three destinations to which you want to travel and write why.
2. Pass on if you wish, to as many or few as you wish.
3. I think I would add a thank you to the blog that gave it to you is in order as well. : )

My choices…

1. Greece

I have a fascination with the sea and it’s immensity. I would love to spend a summer island hopping in the Aegean. What I really have always wanted to do is to spend a weekend at the monastery at Mt Athos…but when I read up on it, I learned that women are not allowed.

2. Turkey

I love history and I love Middle Eastern history especially. I don’t want just a week in Turkey…I’d want to spend a year there…travel to the cities mentioned in the Bible and then some.

3. Odessa, Ukraine

I spent a year in Odessa about 15 years ago. This photo shows an ever familiar courtyard scene. I have heard the city has changed tremendously and I would love to go back and visit again.